Southern Zaza Vision/Prayer trip this week

Southern Zaza Vision/Prayer trip this week

This week a small group from a fellowship in Montgomery, Alabama is coming to see and pray over the main Southern Zaza area.  This is a very conservative Sunni area–much different from the Alevi Zazas who live further north.  Praise God, we are going with one of the few Zaza believers in the world who is actually from this area.  We will be able to meet his family and get a great inside look at this area that is not easy to visit.  We will be able to pray with insight and hopefully see some needs that we might be able to work towards meeting with future projects.  As always, relationship are key in this country, so please pray that we will make some great connections while we are out there.

Watch the Twitter feed as we will be posting pics and prayer requests in real time while we are out on the road starting this Wednesday.

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