Art and Ruth

Art and Ruth

Art & Ruth Robinson labored in the mission field of Taiwan from 1965 until retirement in 1990.  They initially left for Taiwan on a boat from California.  After retirement and a cancer scare, Ruth felt burdened by God to take her already vibrant prayer life to the next level.  That year she committed to be a special intercessor for missions from that day until God takes her home.  Praise God, He has given her 20 years and counting of fruitful prayer ministry.  As the leader of her faithful prayer group at First Baptist Church, Klamath Falls, OR, six years ago she felt the need to strategically pray for a least-reached people.  They felt led to adopt the Dimli-Zazas of Turkey.  Since that time, they have prayed at least once a week (sometimes more) for all spiritual and physical needs of this unreached and unengaged people group.  Partly due to their faithful prayers, the Zazas are now not only engaged, but are beginning to see a spark of faith among them.  Six weeks ago 2 of the very first Zaza believers living in Eastern Turkey were baptized by Dr. K.

Two weeks ago a field worker engaged with the Zazas was able to spend the weekend with the Robinson’s and their church and give a full update on the work and progress among their people group.  It was a sweet time of encouragement for the field worker and praise for specific ways God had answered the faithful prayers of his people.  Praise God for partners like Art & Ruth who are willing to boldly stand with us in prayer to see God move mightily among the very lost, but very loved Zaza people.

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