Referendum Sunday, September 12

Referendum Sunday, September 12

Pray for the Lord to sovereignly lead Turkey in their referendum on Sunday.
Below is an email I received that sums things up well.

Please pray this week for a very important day in Turkey’s history! This Sunday, September 12th, Turks will go to the poles to vote “yes” or “no” on changes to the Turkish Constitution. Twenty-six changes to the existing Constitution are being proposed. According to my conversations with Turkish friends and my research on the subject, it seems that some of these changes are good and some are not good. However, they are all being lumped into one vote–either “yes” or “no”. One thing is clear–the result of this referendum will shape Turkey for the future. Many of my Turkish friends are unsure on how to vote. However, God knows the ultimate best for Turkey’s future and He knows the best outcome for this referendum. PLEASE PRAY FOR GOD’S PERFECT WILL TO BE DONE ON SEPTEMBER 12th!

Thank you for your prayers for the strategic nation of Turkey–what happens in this vote is not only important for Turkey but for surrounding nations.

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